General Ride-On Sweeping

Our Ride-On Sweeper delivers impressive performance – indoors or outdoors – even in harsh environments. Suitable for logistics, warehouses, car parks, work sites, and any other industrial environment. Help manage silica dust with our optional HEPA filtration system and create a cleaner work environment.

We create tailor-made sweeping schedules to suit your hours of operation. Our dedicated operators are specialised and trained by the leading supplier of sweeping machinery in the world.

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Innovative Dust Control

Exceptional dust control with exclusive SweepMax cyclonic three-stage filtration system that removes dust and moisture, with 99% efficiency; stage 1: Perma-filter, stage 2: cyclonic pre-filter, and stage 3: nanofiber, surface loading canister filter.

Speed and Productivity

Adjustable brush pressure and maneuverability this allows easy pick up of wet and dry debris of almost any size and substance.

Innovative Design

Straight line suction means minimal blockages, coupled with high powered vacuum units means nearly anything can be collected in a single pass. With a cyclone effect inside the hopper, debris compacted effectively.